Getting Started

CatoCoin Portal Purpose
The CatoCoin Portal is designed give selected* CatoCoin wallet holders mobile access to their balances without the need for a 'special app', which require constant updates as enhancements are made. This portal will be updated constatly as new features are released. The portal gives selected* wallet holders 'view only' access to their wallet balances, transactions and masternodes status.

Getting Started
1. Fund your account to purchase CatoCoins. We accept Wire Transfer and Checks - contact us at [email protected] for payment details.
2. After your funds have cleared, we purchase coins for you on or exchanges
3. We set up your CatoCoin wallet & create your masternodes and get them started
4. You must then Signup here to create a 'CatoCoin Portal Account' (we'll get notified)
5. Download and install the 'Google Authenticator' for Apple or Android to enable 2FA from your mobile device or web browser. Click here for instructions
6. We contact you to verify your identity
7. After your identify is confimed We link your CatoCoin wallet to your portal account & notify you
8. You may then login here to access your CatoCoin information

What does selected* wallet holders mean? Selected wallet holders are CatoCoin wallet holders for whom we have provided all services (described above) and secured their wallets to our confidential security standards. These wallet holders do not have direct access to their wallets and therefore cannot deliberately or inadvertently compromise the security of their wallet.